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The shared struggle of loneliness

 Are we heading into a “social recession,” with people feeling more and more loneliness as the pandemic continues ?

Loneliness the feeling erodes self-esteem, leaving many feeling that they have little to offer those around them.

Jen Rose Smith at CNN (here’s the link) talks about how This pandemic  could potentially could potentially cure the disease of loneliness . (Thanks Raul Sin for pointing this article out )

She says that it could present an opportunity to reflect and reorient. “It could trigger quite the opposite — a resurgence and a revival of social connections.” 

How could this be solved?

Collective efforts consistently

Collective efforts – virtual connections, inventing new ways to congregate with their creative, social and spiritual communities. All the Zoom meetings, virtual cocktail hours and live-streamed yoga classes are, in a way, a statement of how deeply we care about spending time with others.

Building a sense of community, by making sure we’re spending some time each day reaching out to people in our lives – “That could just be 15 minutes.”

The 15-minute investment pays valuable dividends for people on both ends of the line.

“When done consistently over time, it can be a lifeline that connects you to the outside world.”

The quality of the interaction 

Next, focus on raising the quality of each interaction by ditching distractions. 

Be present – give full attention – listening has a powerful impact on our connection

Being able to add value and be of service – shifts the focus from us to other people, while reaffirming that we have value to bring to others.

By having quality conversations consistently with each other, can we come out of this with a more connected, collaborative community that focussed on contribution.


Posted on April 19, 2020

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