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Let’s turn this pandemic of Panic into a Pandemic of freedom, peace and love

Each time there is a Pandemic we panic.

This Pandemic Is not a pandemic of death or even disease. This is a pandemic of panic. 

Pandemic have come and gone over the past 102 years 

  • In 1918 the Spanish Flu infected one third of us and killed over 50 million Then it vanished 
  • In 1957 the Asian Flu killed two million people. Then it vanished 
  • In 2009 the H1N1 (the Swine Flu) infected a quarter of us and killed 200,000 – less than the deaths each year from the common flu.
  • In 2020 the Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

This pandemic is a ghost that we have chosen   to infect our fears worries and anxieties, and as with any ghost, it can only grow if we feed it.

If we don’t, it disappears.

So instead of a choosing a Pandemic of fear, panic and loss, let us choose a pandemic of freedom, peace and love.

Inspired by a letter from Rodger Hamilton 


Posted on March 14, 2020

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