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Highlights of Allen Pathmarajah sharing his insights on ” How you can make a Manager into an Effective Leader”

Definitely one of our best knowledge shares on hashtagleadership! Will split these πŸ’Ž gems into chunks
Some gems
πŸ’Ž management is important but it should have been
hashtagwomanagement / as woman stands for we organise men
πŸ’Ž the 7th c is caring – people don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care
πŸ’Ž the 5th C is character – unless you are honest and trustworthy – all the other Cs are irrelevant
πŸ’Ž if you are wrong – you have no right to be angry – if you are right – you have no need to be angry – Ghandi
πŸ’Ž my wife is brilliant – that’s why she married me
πŸ’Ž the acronym of leader
πŸ’Ž listen and silent have the same letters
πŸ’Ž always be humble
πŸ’Ž the 2 e’s in leader – empathy – alway walk in the other persons shoes and energy – be passionate – excite, engage and enthuse
πŸ’Ž visual is more important than vocal or words – loved his cheek story- watch it
πŸ’Ž loved the 4fs of implementation fast and fun were 2 of them
πŸ’Ž family – father and mother I love you
πŸ’Ž if you want something – just ask nicely
πŸ’Ž the r in leadership – be resilient – things go in cycles – when you are down – persist – you will spring back up better and stronger

These are 15 of 100 gems in this video
Thank you Allen Pathmarajah

What were your gems that you loved

Posted on October 29, 2019

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