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Business Strategies International assists companies grow by helping them raise capital, access government grants and recruit, coach, train and connect business. We are uniquely positioned to work with high potential companies because we understand the issues and offer practical solutions.

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Latest from the BSI VC Blog

January 20, 2018

2017 Cannabis Activity in Australia – 22 lusted on ASX

By John Beveridge -   January 5, 2018Cannabis stocks ASX medicinal marijuana small caps

It is not that long ago that the very idea of investing in cannabis would have seemed ridiculous.

It was

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January 20, 2018

Investment activity in Cannabis industry in USA in 2017

Article sourced from Savannah Dowling - an Editorial Intern at Crunchbase News. She's a Cornell graduate and a Fulbright scholarship awardee.January 1, 2018 went down as a watershed day in the cannabis industry as marijuana became legal for recreational use in California.

 Californium a is the largest

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January 17, 2018

Neobank Xinja raises money from a Crowdsourcing campaign in days

Australia’s startup, Xinja , a fintech to provide a digital banking platform, has raised $500,000 in less than 24 hours from hundreds of retail investors..

The money was raised from “EQUITISE” - - 1 of 7 crowdfunders who have recently got ASIC approved licences.

Within 18 hours,

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January 15, 2018

Here is list of Yu-kai’s top 10 mistakes in life as an entrepreneur

By Yu-Kai Chou - world leading gamification expert 

 I’ve made many mistakes in my life. Some were more penalizing than others, and some may have cost me my company or set back years of my efforts.

Fortunately, because I also did a few things correctly, I ended

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