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What leaders need to do to deal with today’s furious pace of change

Interesting Insite on agile by Rowdy McLean – 
The pace of change in the modern business landscape is quite phenomenal. 
As a consequence Leadership requires the ability to come up with flexible solutions to problems and opportunities fast, really fast, and organisations and teams need to be adaptable and agile.

Agile teams are the business tool of the future

Agile teams enable 

·     Efficient decision making that boosts production by saving time.

·     The collaboration which repeats the time-saving process — if all the people needed to build a house from start to finish are contained in one team; there will be a lot less delay during construction.

·     Agile workflow improves detection of issues, visibility to the consumer, encourages swift product evolution, and helps your firm do better all round.

Building an agile team

The focus of selecting your agile and flexible business team starts with your leadership. 

Devising the perfect team to tackle and solve recurring workloads or issues is going to be on your shoulders. So be careful that you have a spread of skills and talents, strengths and weaknesses, accountability and execution. 

be careful that you have a spread of skills and talents

To build your team:

·     Start by selecting optimum members of staff with necessary skills.

·     Then recruit specifically talented people to fill the gaps.

·    Look for self driven solution finders..

Team operation:

·     Set tasks focused on results, then monitor from afar to see how they progress. If necessary, you can then switch out members of the team for other colleagues.

·     Do not interfere with the process. Allow the team to arrive at the solution on their own. Monitor through feedback and performance.

·     Feedback with the team. Find out what works for them and what doesn’t. Open streams of communication are essential for any project to flow. 

·     If further changes need to be made on the staff then make them. The right people are what will drive this agile team to success. Do not be afraid to move employees around if they do not fit well.

·    Set the pace, allow your team to self organize, and then watch the magic happen. This is the key to successful agile team creation.

 As long as your review feedback often and maintain the habit of changing where necessary, you should be able to create as many agile teams as your organization needs.

Maintaining control of agile and flexible teams

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Successful leadership of an agile team focuses on letting the team lead themselves. Electing a Scrum master or coach will allow this to evolve naturally. Direction from external sources should be as minimal as possible. The less input you need to have in a leadership capacity, the better things will work for the team. 

The less input you need to have in a leadership capacity, the better things will work for the team

To this end, it is essential to offer guidance whenever it is needed. The reason agile teams are so popular in the modern era, is that they require minimal interruption once they are started. A few pointers on better performance and the outline of the workload is all you will need to maintain your agile and flexible team.

A well-assembled group will work harmoniously enough together that leadership isn’t at the forefront for agile teams. More appropriate is the idea of feeding fuel into the team and watching it produce results. In this way you can keep control of your team with the minimum of input or correction. The right employees will respond well to this level of leadership, providing you with further clues for assembling teams .

About Rowdy McLean

Rowdy has delivered over 1000 presentations to over 400,000 people in 17 countries. He is known as “the go to speaker and facilitator on how to shift mindsets, raise the bar, embrace change and crack the code for extraordinary future success.”

Contact Rowdy email: rowdy@rowdymclean.com web: rowdymclean.com

Posted on September 19, 2019

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