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R&D tax incentive (RDTI) A great opportunity to make a difference

The government has shown they can make decisions and they can make decisions fast.

There is a window of opportunity for government to support innovation in Australia –  and make it attractive for innovators and  IP to stay in Australia. 

They can do this by reigniting the R&D Tax Concession (RDTI) as a tool to encourage Innovation and R&D and  keep Innovators and IP in Oz! 

This should be the focus of the government, rather than its planned $1.8 billion cut to the R&D tax incentive (RDTI). This cut is absolutely the wrong thing to do in a post Covid-19 environment .

Our Treasurer agrees that tax support for innovation is key 

โ€œWe need to have a tax regime around intellectual property to attract companies and maintain their investments in Australia,โ€ Mr Frydenberg said in the UK last year.

The easiest way to ignite Innovation is to encourage innovation by expanding the definition  of R&D in the RDTI programme 

Do you agree that the  R&D Tax Incentive to be reignited 

Write โ€œagreeโ€ in comments below


Posted on July 2, 2020

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