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How did Kevin Plank launch a $5b fashion brand – now one of the biggest global fashion powerhouses?

What was the 10X factor ?

  1. Kevin was passionate about football and built a Rolodex of 50 nfl stars 
  2. He identified a need – Wearing cotton T-shirt under his pads was uncomfortable, and always wondered why no one ever made an alternative to a short sleeve cotton T-shirt in the summer and a long sleeve cotton shirt in the winter. “I wanted to build the best T-Shirt in the world for football players” said Kevin 
  3. Innovated – Tested synthetic material to make compression shorts and tops and made his first six or seven prototypes and tested them on his teammates . 
  4. 500 T-shirts were custom-made. Mr Plank then sent three to each of his nrl mates saying “if you like this, try it. And if you don’t like it, please give one to the guy in the locker room next to you.”
  5. Turnover growth – $25k – $160k – $585k – $7m – $440m in 2005 – $1b in 2010 – $5b now 
  6. UnderArmour became a brand  – an ethos – an idea – and you can’t kill an idea 

What’s your 10X factor ?

Posted on October 20, 2019

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