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Finding the Perfect 10 Customers using the BBG LinkedIn Forum Process

LinkedIn is a great platform  to connect with quality connections whom you can possibly work with. 

The goal is to convert those quality connections into warm  leads 

convert those warm leads into hot prospects 

Convert those hot prospects into the “Perfect 10” Customers

Step 1 – Define Who’s In The Perfect 10?

 Create an avatar of your ideal client

Who is your perfect avatar? 

Your perfect avatar is the person who will be your perfect customer, who loves to do business with you and will be your advocate and provide you with a strong of warm leads. 

  • How awesome would it be to find one of those humans?
  • How much better to find 10 of those people?

Step 2 – Develop a strategy/strategies to source your perfect 10

There are a number of strategies that you can use to source your “perfect 10” leads and  turn them from a perfect 10 connection into a warm lead into a prospect and then into a top Ten Client.

Our BSI Have a look at  https://webhub.skillsoptimiser.com/BusinessHealth/

I have found the LinkedIn BBG process a strategy that works amazingly well for me!  

It’s a numbers game – the 80/20 rule 

Of your top 1000 Prospects contacted

  – 50% of those will be completely inactive. 

30% of people will stalk – watch, read your profile, pay attention, or even see what you post, but not ready to engage. 

20% will engage 

( the good old 80/20 Pareto’s Principle)

Of the 20% – 10% of those people could be good great connections , maybe people you could refer business to and maybe people that can refer business to you – and the last 10% could be some of the people that potentially are going to be your perfect 10  – but they are not in that perfect 10 range YET! 

They will need to be moulded  and nurtured through relationship building to become the perfect 10. 

From those 10 – if you generate 1 Perfect 10 Customer – what is that worth to you? 


The bottom line 

What is the value of that one “perfect 10” client in your business ?

It may be  $2,000 per annum , $20,000 per annum or $200,000 per annum.

How much would you be prepared to invest (time and money) to generate 1 $20,000 per annum customer that would be a customer for at least 3 years (say $60,000 value) ?

The bottom line is that you need to know your numbers.

 Once you know 

  • You have built a basic go forward plan 
  • your ideal avatar (the perfect 10)
  • the annual and lifetime value of that ideal client;
  • The methodology to source that ideal avatar and 
  • convert him/her into a warm lead (the BBG LinkedIn forum process) 
  • and the cost of acquisition……

Take Action and make it happen! 

Write in comment below perfect 10, and I will do a complimentary BSI Health Check which will set you on your way  to create 10 of your perfect 10 Customers. 

Posted on December 1, 2019

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