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Dosist- cannabis company makes hottest startup list

Dosist is a “modern wellness company” known for its proprietary cannabis dose pen with purported benefits such as helping to reduce pain, inflammation and even insomnia. 

The startup has hired more than 100 employees over the past year, attracting top talent from the likes of Apple and Tesla, and looks for candidates who reflect the startup’s stated values: 

inspirational, collaborative, accountable and committed to quality.

The Industry

The global cannabis industry is expected to reach nearly $15 billion this year, representing a 36% increase over 2018, thanks to both legalization in Canada and state-by-state efforts across the border.

Cannabis is more than just a socially-acceptable vice, like alcohol. It has been rebranded as a wellness product, not only for cancer patients seeking relief from pain and nausea but for anyone facing a range of conditions from anxiety to acne.

There’s  a sense that people in the industry are on the brink of a new frontier, more on par with the industrial revolution or the gold rush. 

Companies that operate in the cannabis space describe their culture as not that different from a Silicon Valley startup, with casual dress codes and flexible work policies.“

“One year in the cannabis industry is sort of like dog years.”

Posted on September 4, 2019

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