The ADI Team

Robert Crompton

milwidskydirector.jpgAlan Milwidsky - Non Executive Director

Experience: 6 years senior Partner at Deloitte Consulting, 10 years line management and consulting. Assisted numerous companies raise funding and achieve business success

Project Role: Director, Early Stage Capital Raising and Strategy

Education: Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)

Specialisation: Early stage specialist in business development and capital raising.

Organisations served: Pacific Dunlop , Pioneer International, Toyota, Lion Nathan, General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, FH Faulding, Smorgon Steel, Email Ltd, James Hardie, Vector Scientific, Rofin, Business SMS, IP Systems, 90 East, VenueComm, InChain, Aframe, eTech Group, Libwil, Lifelounge, XMLYes, Visiongateway, Original Spin, Digital DM, Dataract, Software for rent, Pivotil, Xpertcorp.

Summary of experience: Alan is a principal and director of BSI who is responsible for Capital and Business Advisory group. He has worked with over 70 early stage companies in the past 3 years and brings a deep understanding of the Australian business landscape. He developed the methodology and framework behind the BSI Growth Strategy and built the BSI Investors Forum that has been running since 2002. Alan works with clients to develop growth strategies and assists capital raisings.

Other: Prior to BSI, Alan was a Partner at Deloitte Consulting where he led Deloitte Consulting Manufacturing, which consisted of 330 consultants and at its peak did a turnover of $65 million. He concentrated on servicing manufacturing, mining, distribution and technology industry sectors.

Ivan Kaye - Executive Director


Position: Director ADI and BSI

Experience: Established BSI in 1989 and since that time has assisted clients with raising capital, debt and grants, acquisitions, divestments and advisory engagements. Has been involved in several venture capital investments as an advisor and as a sophisticated investor. Prior to this, Ivan worked with Arthur Andersen and Coopers & Lybrand.

Education: Entrepreneurs and Venture Capital Course (HAAS Business School, Berkeley), Chartered Accountant (Australia and South Africa), Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma of Accounting, Diploma of Financial Planning

Affiliation: Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce, Alumni of PWC, Commercialisation Panel in Developing the SIP, Program for the TCF Industry (1999), Assisted with Panel of R&D Innovation Policy of current Government (2001). Treasurer of Academy BJE

Specialisation: Identifying Opportunities, Networking, Capital Raising, accessing Grants and Export Advisory of Innovative Emerging Companies.

Organisations served: Emstream, Justine Taylor, The Australian Premium Wine Collection, TCF Services Pty Ltd, Quickcut Prepress Network Pty Ltd, Computations Pty Ltd, PWC, Webit Group, Calastica, E-T Group, Watt Watta, eTech Group, Emu Ridge, Barnett Marketing, Optical and Photometrical, Auto it, Matrix One, DS Chemport, Future Fibre Technology, Gizmoz, IP Systems, Southern Edge Training, Hume Learning, Learned Friends, Libwil, Jagen Investments, Start Corporation, V Roam, Calastica, The Australian Trade Centre

Summary of experience: Qualified as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa and after completing courses in Australian Taxation and Company Law was admitted to the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1990.

Other: Ivan has assisted more than 50 companies access finance and engage in commercial arrangements in the past 3 years. Throughout Ivan’s career he has been involved in helping start-ups, corporations and emerging companies achieve their growth potential.

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