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Our People - Core Values Here at BSI, we are committed to doing business with integrity. Our company values provide a consistent, enduring framework for how we operate, and they make BSI a special company for customers, partners, and employees alike. Following are the principles that guide our day to day behaviour.

People are our most important asset

We invest in their professional development, and we involve them in deciding our future. We insist on integrity, accountability and professional competence.

We believe in teamwork and open communication

We foster teambuilding, practice effective communications and encourage openness and candour to ensure we are one company.

Trust and respect are cornerstones of our foundation

We treat each other with uncompromising truth and respect for each other's contributions. We conduct our business to maintain public trust and the respect of our customers.

We strive for continuous measurable improvement

We make decisions based on fact. We implement a process approach to the way we build and deliver our products and services, and we continually seek to improve them. We encourage initiative, innovation and risk taking and seek out and apply new technology to better serve our customers.

We relentlessly pursue performance excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do and want to be known for our technical competence and competitive superiority. We are dedicated to building superior quality into our products, processes and services.

We foster a "winning attitude" environment, where people want to work hard and play hard

We believe work should be challenging and fun and that real accomplishment occurs when people collectively go the extra step and take pride in what they do and how they do it. We will implement policies and procedures that ensure a "winning attitude" prevails throughout BSI

We are totally driven to "customer - driven" quality

We partner with our customers to determine their expectations. We delight them by delivering expected products and services on time and within budget.


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