Ocean and Earth at Sussex Inlet and Air Affairs Australia in South Nowra are two Shoalhaven firms that have benefited from the Federal Governments ‘Export Market Development Grant’ (EMDG), which has grown by 5% on the year before.

Both companies have received a first tranche payment of $60,000 with the second tranche payment of the balance made last month.

Gilmore MP, Joanna Gash said that as a result, Ocean and Earth and Air Affairs have been able to defray some of the costs associated with the very expensive cost of market promotion overseas.

“If local firms can sell more, or stimulate a greater turnover of their product, this invariably leads to the creation of employment opportunities."

“As such, there is a significant social benefit attached to supporting export firms such as Ocean and Earth and Air Affairs."

“I urge any Shoalhaven business, with an eye to overseas markets, to get in contact with either my office (Free Call 1800 635 697) or the local EMDG representative which in Sydney is 02 9390 2787”, said Mrs Gash.

Businesses with an annual turnover of less than $35 million are eligible to apply for consideration.


For further information, contact Wal Styke on 0428 231 782

if you want to know more about the EMDG Programme, contact us