This is one of the best videos I have seen on Leadership...

Robert Chapman is a leader 9of a succesful company that has grown by 20% compound per annum. 

He says that 7  out of 8 people work for an organisation where they feel that they are not fulfilled and nobody matters!

At a wedding, the father hands his daughter to the young man... and what he is saying (or thinking) is... "lookit young man, I am going to trust you with this precious human being, whio has been given unconditional love and I expect you to continue to allow her to be everything that she can and wants to be"

Leaders of an organisation have a responsibility to give every person the oppportunity for them to become and achieve what they could and be everything they were meant or could be!

We need to make our team feel good about themselves. People want to do well. A leader should show them how to do thiss, and reward them accordingly.

If people go home fulfilledd and satisfied, they will argue less, divorce less, happier homes, happier children and better lives. "Continual Upliftment"

Leaders should have KPIs and a system whereby they recognise goodness and wins. (idea, give people opportunity to drive a porsche for a month... based on employees voting who should win..... 1st people they would give a ride to is their mothers.... to tell the persosn (the source of where the goodness came from) that they turned out ok!!

A key is to teach them how to become good leaders... and that is why we are passionate about our initiatives on sharing our leadership knowledge with other corporates and peple!!