EMDG is the financial initiative of Australian Government aiming to help the current and aspiring exporters.

Global and domestic economies are facing the turbulent times. Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, US struggling economy, Australian’s two speed economy, wavering business sentiment, are the facts and challenges facing business today.

Australian businesses have historically demonstrated their resilience and resourcefulness during tough times. Initiatives such as EMDG are important tools in bolstering the current account and foster strong, sustainable growth.

The Government has allocated $150m to the programme, and over the past few years, claims greater than $50,000 were not paid in full, but apportioned to fit in with the $150m allocation.

 Recent changes of the program introduced a number of stringent measures and conditions to claimants. This  negatively affected the benefits that the  exporters have been used to. As a result, there are less claimants, and the amounts they have received have been reduced.

Applications for the 2011 grant year closed on 30 November 2011. Guaranteed first tranche payment for the 2011 assessed claims is $50,000. As for the second tranche payable in June 2012, that claimants should be able to receive their full allocation claimed (maximum of $150,000).

There is no better time than now for exporters to plan their activities and to establish or increase their overseas market share. The EMDG Scheme is there  to partly reimburse your marketing spend (up to $150,000 per annum if you spend at least 310,000). Regarding your exports, we will help you maximise your upside and minise your downside. 

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