BSI and ARK  has discovered ECINYA.

 ECINYA is a weekly investment blog that publishes twice weekly.

 On Tuesday afternoon it publishes

  • 133 stock recommendations segmented into 7 risk categories with designated entry points
  • The ECINYA Market Barometer to give a reading on where the market is and where it is perceived to be going
  • A Strategic Outlook
  • Two portfolios using real money that pursue somewhat different strategies and differing tactics. These Portfolios demonstrate discipline via benchmarked returns and risk rankings.

 On Friday afternoons an ECINYA Insight article is published which provides macro economic and market commentary aiming to give you aspects of ‘the big picture’.

 Additionally, there are archived Insight articles on many topics (from climate change to the political economy to central bankers etc) and a section called Market Wisdom to assist you to develop your investment and trading skills and knowledge

 The ABOUT ECINYA section is recommended as useful background as well as our 13 January article under Insights –

 2011: A year of revival and survival and opportunity, but little room for complacency as the march of folly continues.

 The ECINYA mantra in simplistic terms is THINK/ ACT/ REVIEW.

 ECINYA has been a stand-alone web-site since July 2009 and for the 8 years from 2000 to 2008 featured on the E* Trade Online Web-Site.

 BSI and ARK is offering you a 3 month free subscription and thereafter you can sign up for

  • $88 for 3 months. 
  • $132 for 6 months
  • $253 for 1 year

 All subscriptions include GST.

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