To have a place at the table you need to do have a competent team that is capable of delivering an excellent service at an affordable price. That is a given!!

Clients want to be the centre of their universe.  Understand what your cleints require and find ways to deliver an evolved service that fulfills their “right now” needs.

Below are a few things that you should look at to survive and thrive in 2012 and beyond...

1.  Look at your clients and market, and understand what your current USP (unique selling proposition) is

What is it that makes your clients advocates, and gets them to refer business to you. How can you can make your service more valuable and in turn more visible than your competition?

To succeed and really drive growth you are going to need to know exactly where your niche is and be clear on your USP.

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2.  Communicate differently on email

  • There is more email in our inboxes than ever before.  So much of it is noise, offering little or no value, selling not giving, pushing not leading. 
  • Understand WHY you are sending an email?
  • Be personal... people deal with people, not organisations or rhetoric. 
  • Provide good quality, relevant information... don’t always “sell” something
  • Providing quality content and value via email that positions your firm at the forefront of your market.

3.  Make sure your website is up to date, appealing and has call to actions.

Your website is one of the primary gateways to your business.  It is the first place that someone goes when they find out about your firm, and the best opportunity that you have to lure them in, calling them to action right when they are ready to step up as a service-buyer.  Other than your community and clients who refer, it is a critical tool you have in your ammunition, Your website is the hub from which all your other marketing activities can happen… email marketing, advertising, Google Adwords, direct mail, social media, referral… all of these tactics lead to your website.  If your website doesn’t have honest, convincing hooks to catch those fish, you are missing the best opportunity available.

4.  Get Social

Social media users are now all ages.  Social media is key to grow your business, but when we explain the personal and business benefits of being active in their online communities, most quickly step up for a look and like what they see.

Being an appropriate part of your online communities not only helps you to understand the emerging technologies and communications techniques as they ripple through our markets, it also presents your business as being progressive, inquisitive and active in its marketplace.

But what you really need to understand about social media is this:

  • In online communities people group themselves by their interests, technical capability and communities, so you can often find your primary target markets more successfully online than you can offline, With a carefully constructed campaign, showcase your capability without selling gaudily, flogging your soul or spending a cent (you may have to spend a few hours though).
  • As a desirable professional people will “check you out” online long before they ever approach you to provide a professional service.  They judge you on your Linkedin page, your online communities, and the depth of your personal brand. (feel free to connect with me on my linked in)
  • Ensure you have control of your brand and communication on social networks, emails and web sites. Your brand has taken you years to build to the level where they attract clients organically.

5.  Ensure you have a clean database

In my view, your database is your most important asset. Treat it like gold. A business will find it difficult to survive in the future unless they have a good, solid, relevant database.

 Segment your database by their interests so you can deliver only the most useful information to them, and you can do it fast, while a trend is still a trend, and your news is still news. 

Build business processes so that people can continue to update it, keep it current  and use it.

Find out ways to grow your database. Hold collaborative events with Joint ventures, clients and alliance partners.

6. Measure all your marketing Initiatives

Whatever you decide to do, measure all activity, because what you can measure, you can manage

7.  Leads, Proposals and Sales

Understand the number of leads you have, how many of those go into proposals and how many proposals convert to sales. Identify the bottleneck, solve them and watch your finnel and sales grow exponentially!

8.  Evolve your services

Are you providing the services that your target clients need? 

Are you leveraging and collaborating with your Clients and Partners, using client portals, collaborative project management tools, and communicating as often as they need? 

9. Join Network and Mastermind Groups

I have found this to be invaluable in hearing other peoples point of view in a collaborative, facilitated environment and being able to discuss issues knowing that members of my mastermind group will help me resolve. Click here to join a mastermind group

10. Enjoy what you do and have fun

Make sure that you are enjoying what you are doing, and having fun. You are at work for 60% of your waking time.... life is too short to not be enjoying your time at work

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Enjoy the festive season, and I look forward to connecting with you in 2012

kind regards


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