10X Mastermind on Leadership is the key to becoming a better leader and producing far better results in every area of your work and life.
If you see yourself as a leader (or would like to) read on ........

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This is one of the best videos I have seen on Leadership...

Robert Chapman is a leader 9of a succesful company that has grown by 20% compound per annum. 

Leaders of an organisation have a responsibility to give every person the oppportunity for them to become and achieve what they could and be everything they were meant or could be!

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How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to take action

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10X Mastermind Group

10X and BSI presents the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Mastermind and Networking Event - 1 hour a week for 8 weeks in a group of 10... build your leadership skills and network for a total cost of $197.

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On Tuesday the 24th January at 7.00am, BSI connect held their first Leadership and Networking Breakfast at the Amora Jamison in Sydney’s CBD, and what a fantastic morning it was.
With a filled conference room of 40 people, Ivan Kaye the CEO of BSI welcomed everyone and introduced himself and BSI’s two John Maxwell accredited coaches Ivan Ang and Grahame Murphy.
Ivan Ang and Grahame have been working for the past few months on BSI Connect’s mastermind group. This 8 week program that takes place for an hour each week follows John Maxwell’s “21 irrefutable laws of leadership” and focuses on coaching business minded people on how to grow as a leader and the benefits it brings.
The next stage of leadership growth being offered is their new Inner Circle Club.
This valuable information-focused network group begins in March and not only gives members an opportunity to network with others once a month, but to work through John Maxwell’s text “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” in depth.
The breakfast began with an introduction to this program, which not only was informative and interesting but included attendees as they gave their personal experiences of how they have applied “connecting” principles in their past.
Whilst enjoying breakfast, Ivan Kaye explained the concept and importance of networking in the business world, which he demonstrated by getting all attendees out of their seats for a 15-minute game of speed networking. Laughs were shared, business cards were exchanged and everyone walked back to their seats having learnt about a lot of people in the room after being able to have 3-minute conversations with their “date” and switching at the sound of a bell.
When asked who had made an arrangement to follow up with someone in the breakfast, every person put up their hand!   This was definitely a highlight of the morning.
leadership and development plan developed by Ivan Ang and Grahame was provided and allowed everyone to work through their worksheet together, applying the information discussed during the workshop and giving each person something of value to take home and allow them to be able to reflect on their goals for 2012 and how to achieve them.
The workshop drew to an end at 9.00am where everyone left happy and feedback forms showed an enormous interest by attendees to join either the mastermind 8 week leadership course or the Inner circle club in search of adding more value to themselves and increasing their leadership potential.
A special congratulations to the winner of the raffle “Bruce Murphy”, a graduate of the mastermind group who won John Maxwell’s “ 5 levels of leadership” which helps people understand the qualities of an effective leader and how to develop those qualities.
Thank you to all those attended, we are very pleased with all the positive feedback and are looking forward to our next breakfast on Tuesday March 6th.  If you are interested in attending the breakfast click here to register your interest

SME’s need to brace themselves for a tough 2012, and ensure that they are hardy and can take advantage of opportunities that will inevitably make themselves available over the next 12 months.

A few things to look at to ensure your business stays financially healthy:-

People – Ensure your People are happy, motivated and feels part of the team. Your people are your most important asset. It is interesting that this is rarely valued as an asset on the balance sheet. As a business owner, you cannot be good at everything. Focus on your core strength, and ensure you have others (either employees or outsourced companies) who can make sure that the other fundamental parts of the business are looked after.

Debtors – ensure your customers are paying on time…. Possible to get funding (debtor factoring)

Inventory – Make sure your stockturnover is optimised. Holding inventory that is slow moving is expensive and dangerous!!

Tax – Make sure you are minimising your tax bill. It is a major chunk of your expenditure

Accounting – Ensure your accounts are up to date, and you have a system where you can regularly review your accounts. Include regular P&Ls, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow forecasts

Financing – Ensure you have adequate resources to fund your business…. Remember the 3 most important rules of an SME – “cash flow, cash flow, cash flow”

Make sure you are not using expensive loans to fund long term debt (such as credit card debt). There are bank loans and equity available for well-run SME’s

Insurance – Risk mitigation is key. Ensure you have adequate insurance at the best possible price. I have seen many businesses close their doors as a result of not having adequate insurance cover!

The Queensland floods showed us that it’s the fine print that can make or break your claim. Make sure you’re covered for the protection you’re paying for…

Ark General Insurance is a  broker that can partner with you during times of crisis!!

Revenue and sales are the lifeblood of any organisation…

Ensure you have in place a measuring system for “Leads, Proposals and Sales.”  Once you know how many Leads convert to Proposals to convert to Sales… you can identify where your bottlenecks are and focus on strengthening them.

You can only reduce your expenses to 0 (and you thenn don’t have a business) but your revenue is highly scalable!

Look after your margins and only make sure you are selling to people who can pay their debts!

Remember: - “Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity and Cash Flow is King and Queen.” 

Powwow Clearance Sale of Business Books and Programmes - Limited Quantities!!

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Our Vision:

To partner with our clients and candidates, using teamwork and innovation to help clients recruit, train and retain their most important resource: good people; and to provide value to candidates in their career and professional development.

Our Values:

Professional, Ethical and Specialist
…we are responsive, open and ethical in our business relationships…our consultants are experts in their sectors 

…about the sectors in which we operate…about the work we do

…to understanding our clients’ and candidates’ needs…to being accountable for delivering a quality service

…we are flexible in our approach and in finding ways to exceed our clients’ expectations…we challenge our people to excel

…of our clients’ and candidates’ unique needs and situations

…we believe in building long-term partnerships to add maximum value for all stakeholders

Words of Inspiration


10 Tips to help you grow value in 2012

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What people have said about Ivan Ang and the Mastermind Groups

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"Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership!"

You are invited to a Mastermind Group study on 
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell

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The first of 8 leadership Mastermind Groups – based on John Maxwell’s irrefutable laws of leadership,  facilitated by Ivan Ang were held this week at our city offices. Looking forward to the next 7!!
Some Gems that came out of the session:- 

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"Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership!"

You are invited to a Mastermind Group study on 
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell

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