Our worst expectations have been realised and the amount for the EMDG budget for next year (Grant year 09/10) is $150 million compared to $200m allocated in 2009. BSI and the AIEX will continue to lobby for additional funding.... and will need your help to encourage the government to continue to support the SME's who are giving it a go and exporting their products and services around the world.

Claimants expecting their full allocation of their EMDG Grant Entitlement for 2009 are expected to receive approximately 60% of their entitlement ( for Grant year 08/09 paid in the June 2010 financial year ) .

For next years (Grant year 0910 paid between July 2010 and June 2011) applications based on $150 million and Austrades expectation of roughly the same number of applications we anticipate a lower first payment and a substantially lower second payment.

Any opportunity you have to talk to your local politicians about the shortfall in funding will help. We will provide further information as soon as we have anything further to report.

Should you wish to discuss this further please email Harvey Gartrell (hgartrell@bsi.com.au), Peter Damnjanovic (pdamnjanovic@bsi.com.au) or Ivan Kaye (ikaye@bsi.com.au) or call us on 02 92125505.