Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)

BSI assists exporters to access overseas markets through:

  • Advising, structuring and lodging EMDG;
  • Export market entry strategies and expansion plans for specific markets;
  • Growth strategies for your existing markets;
  • Channel and alliance partnering in different countries;
  • Access to markets and finding the best marketing and distribution options - providing a gateway to international business;
  • Ongoing marketing advice and support, expanding sales and branding opportunities.
  • Export Development – planning for your company to grow.

BSI will help your business to expand and to gain the most from the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme.

BSI will
  • Review, in detail your eligibility for an EMDG, including corporate structures, products / services / property rights being provided etc.;
  • Advise on maximising your EMDG entitlement;
  • Review all current marketing contracts and assist in the preparation of any further marketing contracts required for export effectiveness and for EMDG purposes;
  • Review your expenditure to determine what is the most effective use of exports and most appropriate for EMDG;
  • Prepare and lodge your application for an EMDG, including attending the investigation of any claim by Austrade;
  • Provide pro-active advice and respond to all export queries raised by you; and
  • Assist you in export planning.

The EMDG scheme provides a 50% rebate on eligible overseas marketing costs above $10,000. Our EMDG consultants will review all current marketing arrangements, prepare all necessary documentation and lodge the completed application on your behalf.

We will advise your company on maximising the EMDG entitlement over the available grant years. BSI Services undertakes work in relation to EMDG scheme on a 10% success fee, payable only when you receive the grant.

We do charge an up front fee that is deducted from the success fee. If BSI is unsuccessful in obtaining an EMDG Grant, we will reimburse your upfront fee.

The EMDG scheme acts to encourage Australian exporters to seek out and develop overseas markets for goods and specified services and industrial property rights which are substantially of Australian origin.

The maximum grant payable to you is $150,000 per annum for a maximum of 8 years.

Should you require further information please contact:

BSI Sydney Office:

02 9290 2666
Suite 701, Level 7, 14 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Ivan Kaye | Harvey Gartrell | Peter Damnjanovic

BSI Melbourne Office:

03 9605 9300
Level 3, 88 Albert Road
South Melbourne, VIC 3205
Harvey Gartrell

Some of BSI's successful clients include:
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Ivan Kaye interviews Harvey Gartrell on the EMDG Scheme 

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