Export Market Plan for China Gateway

China Gateway

Greater China’s phenomenal economic growth of recent years present significant opportunities for Australian exporters as well as challenges. Developing this lucrative market can provide for significant business opportunities to grow and prosper, enter a large market, (with increased sales and profits potential), improved domestic competitiveness and a reduced dependence on the Australian market.The processes involved to export into Greater China can prove challenging in terms of time, money and resources- hence thorough preparation is essential!

The opportunities China offers Australian companies are undoubtedly growing. What is needed is a comprehensive understanding of the market and the development of relationships with key industry and government contacts to execute on a desired business strategy for the China market.

Developing this expertise in-house is possible, however, with the proven expertise of China specialists, you can mitigate some of the risks involved. Whilst this knowledge and contact network can be developed in-house, a more time and cost-effective way to achieve this is to gain assistance from China specialists.

Please contact Alan Milwidsky on 02 9212 5505 for more information on entering the Chinese market.

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